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Free Continuing Education Credits

Some of our Online CE Partners have provided free continuing education credits for courses they have originated or are affiliated with.  Usually the free CE credits are discipline-based, such as those for the Florida Department of Health, which provides free CE credits for Florida Doctors, Nurses, Dieticians and Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES) when the subject matter is applicable.  All courses included in the free CE program are clearly marked when pulled up in the course catalogue; this information is also noted on each course home page, even in preview. 

If you are a Florida licensed Nurse, for instance, and you access the course catalogue, you will see the section marked Florida Department of Health.  Choose a course included there, and you will see the statement regarding the free CE and the disciplines provided for. 

To receive free continuing education credit:

Look here for directions

In your ‘Courses’, the course can be easily accessed at any time you are ready to begin; you may also access your completed course work (with your re-printable certificates), and any courses you have purchased but have not yet completed.

Here are the courses that currently have free continuing education credits:


Florida Department of Health


#373:  Prostate Cancer: Epidemiology, Diagnostic Evaluation & Treatment (1CH)

#706:  Nursing Refresher Skills ( 3CH)

Note that if you are a Florida Nurse (or one of the disciplines cited for free CE credits), you should not be charged for any of the DOH courses.

Be advised that if indeed the free CE course goes into your ‘Cart’ and not your ‘Courses’, then check your profile to make sure you have the correct information entered. 

There are a few reasons you may not be able to access the free CE credit courses.  First, did you cite your correct discipline when you registered, providing your Florida license number?  If you did not put in your profession, that field in the registry may have defaulted to another discipline, preventing access to the free CE.  To check out if this may be the case, after logging in, click on the ‘Profile’ link in the upper right hand corner to see what you originally entered.  If something is incorrect, please contact us to correct the error.

If you are living in another state, the free CE credits are for Florida disciplines only.  If you are licensed in the state of Florida, and are living outside the state and want to keep up your licensure, you must contact us and provide us with a Florida address for your registry to take advantage of the free CE provided.

If none of the above applies to your situation, please Contact Us and we’ll investigate to help you achieve your goals.